Well i am looking to lease a 08 or 09 M6 cab.. I am a mess because i dont know where to start.. I recieved my first quote today and it was on a 07 cab. I really like it because of the red interior.. the sticker was 74,600.. This is what she sent me..

"24 months would be 2239 plus just first payment, security deposit and license fees. The taxes are included. If you put $3500 cash down, your payment would be around $2089. If you did a 36 month lease your payment would be $1689 with just 1st,sec dep and plates, and if you put $3500 down your payment would be around $1579. The difference might be the miles on the car, or the color, or that my car is certified-it is hard to compare the used car values. If you do lease it, then I do have to register the car and get your plates for you. So, I sorry I quoted you wrong to begin with-but let me know if there is any more info I can give you."

I have been looking on numerous m6 boards and came across many people catching great leases on all types of M6's.. 09's 08's and 07's...I know that quote was rubbish.. I am trying to get payments under 1300.. Can anyone help me out.. i really appreciate your help!