One of my keys was affected I believe by being too close to an electro magnetic pulse machine. The remote entry function still works, but the key will not communicate with the starter now. My other key works fine. I believe the magnetism erased the disk that authorizes the starter to engage if I understand this correctly.

My question before I go to the Stealer is: Do they have the ability to reprogram this function in my key? I do not want to pay a ridiculous amount for a new key especially if this one can be reprogrammed as a new one would be. I believe some locksmiths may have this capability?

I suspect magnetism as the culprit, because my truck key also stopped functioning at the same time. They were both in my pocket at the time of exposure. The LEDs still work on all of the keys, so it is not a battery issue. Thanks in advance for any guidance.


99 528it
72 3.0CSL