So here's one for ya. I've had (and more or less loved and enjoyed) my M3 since buying it new in 03. And it's just getting to that age where sh*t starts happening. I've been having a chronic climate control problem (can't turn the heat off; no matter how low I set temp, hot air blows on windscreen and my feet—it frigging cooks me), and I just returned from a trip to dealer with a $1,036 bill to "replace the water valve" in the HVAC system, along with two "cracked belts." Not happy. To make matters worse, I pulled out of dealer (in Port Chester), onto highway, and the problem hasn't changed. Going back. Ugh.
At the same time, I have a nagging, ongoing yen for GTI. Every time I see one on the road, it captures my attention. I've built one several times on the VW site. Haven't driven it, but am I crazy? Wife thinks I'm crazy. "You have this beautiful, substantial car...a GTI is for like a college kid or something." Is she right?