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    I've got an '06 Z06 w/22k miles...K&N filter,no other changes, driving normally I got a miss on at least one if not 2 or3 cylinders...no check eng light...miss was there at all rpm's...shut it off, called the dealer, he said bring it down...it barely started, when it did, the eng icon appeared on the panel...any ideas?

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    Start simple. If you're not getting a CE light, then it could be fuel related. Optimistic, but, fuel can be prob. I have owned 6 vettes and a bmw. The beamer liked top tier fuel. Go on line and google top tier fuels. These fuels usually use chevron techron in gas. If you have stored car all winter, may have tarnish in small orvices and a good additive in gas might help. Ask or read up on Sea Foam, Techron and other products. Also check with Chev dealer about additives. Do not take my word for it; be safe. Be patient. I do not work for above companies. Just an old guy who likes cars and was looking into forum about C4 and C5 probs.
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