Got a few issues with my 2004 M3 that I'm hoping you can assist with.

First is my OEM navigation system. Over the past two months, I've been getting errors that the (map) DVD cannot be read and that it is incorrect. After a few times it finally can read the DVD and we're all good. The frequency of this read error has been increasing until a few days ago and it has not been able to read the DVD whatsoever.

I have tried my original map DVD and a backup copy and neither is being read. In the split screen view, my GPS signal strength is good and the system knows my coordinates, so that's great. It just doesn't pick up my DVD.

Any clues? Do I need to reset the system and if so, how? Is the DVD unit busted or does it need cleaning, servicing?

I scanned the first 200 search results, but didn't find any answer. I'm stumped. How do I fix this?

Next, my tires need replacing (I have OEM 19s). What concerns me is that I've only put about 32,000 km on them and they're almost bald. Is that normal wear?

Finally, after two years of my little one kicking the back of my seat, I cannot clean the scuff marks with soapy water and a cloth. Any suggestions on how to remove scuff marks?

Thanks in advance for any advice.