I am looking for a replacement battery for a friend's 530xiT. Dealer wants around $370 installed, but I think its a little bit much.

Checked with Autozone and their computers recomment the Duralast 48-DL which looks smaller than the one in the battery compartment in the car. I have a E39 540iT and the battery in mine (a Duralast 49-DL) looks like the same as the one in the E60.

I think that the Duralast 49-DL would be the one for the E60, based solely on the size alone. There are a couple of differences in the rating. The recommended battery has a CCA of 700 whereas the 49-DL has a CCA of 825. Is that a problem. I always thought that more CCA should not be an issue.

Any help on this is appreciated. I want to make sure that I get the correct battery for this.