Good day everyone,

I am experiencing an odd problem with my '99 740i ZF-HP24.

It performs flawlessly on the open road however once I have driven around in town for a while it does the following and I am going to quote from a post submitted by a boardmember as the problem is identical to mine:

I've got a 740iA w/sport pkg. - runs fine most of the time, but after the car gets a good workout (one hour our more) the transmission goes haywire... insists on keeping the car in too low a gear (eg., 3rd at freeway speeds) and stays there even as the car slows down until it "unsticks" with a big clunk. If I put it into manual shift mode, and try to bump it to a different gear, the indicator shows the new gear, then pops back to the gear it is stuck in with no actual shift taking place. In the city, typically it gets stuck in 2nd... on the freeway, in 3rd. No warning lights come on, no messages displayed. Anyone else seen this kind of problem?Any solutions

Once you are back on the open road it remains in 4th gear at about 100mph and eventually after about 20 miles it changes into 5th and thereafter behaves normally - the problem can be repeated. I have scanned the transmission for fault codes, tryed disconnecting the battery to no avail.

Any Ideas?