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Full restoration of the first race car BGB Motorsports ever owned and the first race car I ever raced. Prior to its arrival, the car had extensive engine work done. Serious S52 race motor. We didn't touch the engine bay. However, everything else on the car was repainted and pretty much re-done.

Additions Included:
AIM MXL Pista Data System with air/fuel & GPS
Push button starter (key stays in rear latch for those times when you belt yourself in and remember that the key is still in the hatch door lock)
Switch console for diff cooler, main, fans, wipers, fog lights, etc.
Carbon fiber front hood
Rennline tow hooks
SPA electronic fire suppression system
Single dry break fuel fill
Randy Forbes subframe update
New paint
New roll cage
Car with 4 gal of fuel is now 2540 lbs!!!!

John Tecce
BGB Motorsports