We leased a 2007 BMW 530i. We hadn't driven it for approx. 2 weeks while we were on vacation and the battery died. We were able to jump it and get it started, but it kept dying on us after that. Recently we turned the car in to BMW Turnersville in New Jersey due to the lease being up. They informed us that since we did not drive the car in and had it brought in by flatbed due to the dead battery and since we did not put more than 10,000 miles a year on the car that we had to pay them $450.00 for a new battery. I have been researching online and am amazed at how many people are having this problem. They claim that while the car is off the computer still drains from the battery so it is our fault by not driving it that the battery died. We have been arguing back and forth and I even called BMW North America and they told me the same this. This is a disgrace. This is our 2nd BMW due to the fact the first one we leased had mold in the air conditioning vents which my infant son had been breathing in for a year. BMW Turnersville did nothing then either! We had to go through the expense of replacing a carseat and stroller due to the horrible smell. For a year they blamed me and said I had spilled something in the car to cause. A year later they come back with, "oh you are right there is definitely something wrong, There is mold in the airconditioning vent." We have had it. Not only have we leased 2 BMW from this dealership, my parents bought 1 and my inlaws leased 1. Needless to say, because of the horrible service and attitudes my inlaws now drive a mercedes and my parents are getting ready to trade theirs in on a Lexus! I just want to warn everyone that what BMW Turnersville professes in all their ads and sales pitches is a lie. I have been in conversations with DeSimone BMW in Voorhees and they have been wonderful! If you really want to own a BMW then deal with them. They have been extremely helpful and accommodating. If I ever decide to drive another one (highly unlikely though) I will deal with them. Honesty is a dying trait and sadly we are at the losing end of this battle! We are still refusing to pay the $450.00 so if anyone out there has any helpful hints on how to win this please let me know!!!!!