Hey all,

My car has been running hot-- always around 3/4 or higher.
My shop just redid the fan clutch, thermostat, water pump, reservoir cap...
The next step is to replace the radiator (eventually i will have to redo the head gasket I know)

I would like to find a reseller who can supply me with a ready-to-install radiator, which I can pop in myself.
SO, i have been googling and searching, but I have yet to find a source.
I don't want to get the stock one from bavauto, because I don't think that will be a vast improvement. I would like to go nuclear, get an aluminum core one, and really get the heat down.

Can someone give me phone number or a link to someone who can supply me with mail-order solution? Or do I have to have my current radiator re-cored?