The old bimmer has been sitting where it died 7 months ago - and the oak tree that's above it has taken a toll... So I decided to finally figure out why I have a no start...

The coil reads a very consistent 5880 ohms and occasionally 0.5 across the pins. Occasionally it reads 0. Replacement time?

The reference sensor reads 1145 instead of the expected 960.

I don't know how to test the main relay.

I crank and crank it and can't get any fuel smell - even with my nose buried in the intake...

The $65,000 question is - It looks like I have to replace all of these parts... But how did they all crap out at the same time? Is there anything else I should be looking at - or do I replace all this and then start guessing some more?

Thanks - and hello to all. It's been a long time..
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