Hi everyone.

I currently own a 1999 540i Sport 6spd E39 but I am considering buying a 2004 645ci (produced 02/2004) with 55,000 miles, sport package, 6 speed manual, black on black. It has a Certified Pre-Owned warranty that expires in March of 2010 and the car is in very very good condition. A very well regarded BMW independent Service shop in the DC area that also sells a lot of BMW's, Porsches, and Audis is selling it for $32,600. I have owned 6 BMW's (E30, E24, E36, E34, E31, E39) and I am pretty familiar with them.

My questions are:

First, does this sounds like a good deal? I have checked around and it seems to be market value but I am not as familiar with these cars as most of you are. How much room is there for negotiation?

Second, once the warranty expires, is it a must that I purchase an extended warranty? The warranty in my e39 expired about 5 years ago and running costs have not broken the bank at all so far. I have probably put abut $500-$1,500 on it per year in repairs and maintenance and the car has 100,000 miles. Do E63's have a lot of expensive problems? From my research, they do not seem to be that problematic.

Third: I understand that with a production date of 04/2004 neither Bluetooth or iPod module were available. Can they now be retrofitted? The car does have a telephone integration and the communication menu on the Navigation.

Please feel free to make any comments or recommendations.

Thanks for your help.