I'm interested in purchasing a used Z4 in the very near future. I've test driven the '03 z4 3.0 manual and LOVED it. Grew up with cars, am an aggressive driver, will be used as 3 season vehicle for both city & country driving here in New England, want a manual.

Since a new winter car is, unfortunately, also on my plate in the near future, my price range is pretty limited ($14k to $18k) for my summer fun. I'm looking mostly single owner, private party, to get the most bang for my buck. Challenge is, I don't know which car I should be my first choice.

My budget leans towards a 2003. However, I've read (somewhere) that the 2004s have fewer issues. Is this true? And, I love the feeling of the 3.0, but my budget would require a higher mileage model...and I'm concerned about a higher mileage car's dreaded 'midlife crisis' at 60k to 80k.

Any thoughts, from a mechanical perspective, which is the 'sounder' of these car options? And is the lesser engine really that noticeable if you're not racing?

Thanks in advance...