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    Everything was so perfect, with my 1983, 733i with over 500K miles. Overnight-no AC. Fan, on-off works with fan. Tried to add 134 freon. Gage shows 25#. Clutch will not engage, compressor not frozen. Diagrams show low-temp switch before clutch will engage. How can I test low-temp switch? Can I jump the switch to test without messing something up?

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    Usually it is a low pressure switch that won't let

    the compressor run when it is low on gas. A Temp switch would keep the coils from icing up. Temp switch is up in the dash and sticks into the evaporator box. Pressure switch is on the dryer can in the right wheel well and you could jump it or test it for continuity with a meter. You should have 12v coming to the pressure switch at the dryer when the system is turned on and the unit is not iced up because the temp switch would be closed and the relay would be activated. The low pressure switch would be closed as long as you have some gas and the high pressure switch will be closed if there in not TOO much gas and the clutch will activate. You can unplug the clutch from the pressure switch and test the clutch coil with a meter for shorts or with 12v for activation. My clutch coil shorted last year and I had to find a new clutch.

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