So my 07 7 series wont start.

backround: drove it 120 miles on freeway. LOCKED car.Parked for 3 hours
went to drive car. Car dead. Used valet key to open door.
Dealer states: fault says I had key in ignition and left car.
Fact is.. impossible! Never do that. And had to use valet to get into car.
COSTS: 550 FOR BATTERY. 150 for tech. that are MY FAULT.
I call bmw NA. They call dealer.
Dealer tries to reach the ONE person who can OK this is SO CAL.
who they can't reach over the course of a business day.

I leave car hostage (at a lease rate of about 1200 a month) at dealer til the actually can find the "one person" who's name "they can't tell me" to OK a free fix on this.

Any suggestions or recourse while I wait?

This from a 3x 3year 7 series lessor.
Astounding service in the era of "customer loyalty" needs in brands.