Guys, so i've got a lovely 2000 M Coupe, Estoril Blue on Two-Tone interior, 86k miles, sunroof delete. I go back and forth on turning my weekend fun car into a dedicated track car. I've done ~15 DE's now, and am at the point where I really want to squeeze more fun out of my car. To date the car is bone stock, save for a harness bar, 4-point bolt-in harnesses, HT-10 pads, and a butt strut.

But I'm primarily concerned about safety if I jump into the "R-compound tires/TC Kline Trick suspension" realm, which is where I want to go. So that means 6-point harnesses, roll cage, gutted interior, etc. The problem with this is: I will be destroying the car I fell in love with.

So I'm thinking I can sell the coupe, and finding a well sorted-out E36 M3 with all the aftermarket goodies already loaded in, plus have a little play money left over. What say you guys, is this a good path? I love love love my coupe, which is why I don't want to turn it into a track junkie, but would it be faster than a similarly sorted out E36M3?

Opinions please, I'm in a pickle! TIA!<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
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