1) Yesterday, I set the navigation in my car in where the view was written on the screen. Also set my Tire Pressure sensor. Before you know it the I Drive rotary knob was not working and the radio sound went dead. Navigation and Radio went dead while I was driving.

I pulled over and checked the fuses in the trunk. I removed the disc from the unit in the trunk for the navigation. Put it back in. I pulled out the fuses for the nav and radio put them back in and then they both were functioning properly. This worked, but before this I actually stopped and shut down and restarted vehicle 3X with no luck before trying the fuses.

Drive about 3 hours no problems. Come home, shut down vehicle, turn on vehicle and now the screen is all in German or French? Do not know which one? Went back to the fuses and tried one more time, that resolved the problem?