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    grill by the fog light on front bumper ?

    I need to replace the bracket that holds the foglights in place. The screws for this are behind the grill right next to the fog light. Any thoughts on how i can get to the screws that secure the fog light brackets ?


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    I think you will have to pull the bumper cover

    My hunch is that you will have to pull the bumper cover. However, that is totally easy. It is only held on by four screws. Instructions are posted on www.e38.org.

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    Fog light bracket access

    The bumper removal details are in the e38 engine section under Secondary Air Pump removal. There is a good picture in there of the bracket showing behind the fog light opening. It's behind those two round holes, one of which you poke with a screw driver to release fog lamp. You probably don't have to remove bumper cover to reach bracket. You can see bracket in parts schematic at RealOEM.com under "lighting." Also, to save money, if you want to replace pitted fog lenses just apply the clear urethane covering that bavauto sells, the glue fills in the pits and they look great.

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