If you missed it, too bad. The entire event was splendid from minute one at registration thru the banquet. The dance night, boat ride, workshop, concours simply were just well done. Scott, and then Chris Cane and his wife Cheryl and that entire team of sooo many vol's were over the top. I think I heard 380 people and 208 cars, [I may be not totally accurate, but enough to give you the pix] and I heard not one negative comment from anyone. The weather was over the top as well. All who went owe them a huge debt of gratitude. I know of that kind of effort thru other ops I have been involved with, and it was a lot of work..a lot. So thanks to all who made it happen. If you could have gone, and decided not to, well, you missed a fine time, with great cars and the folks who enjoy them.