or buying a 2001 740i sport:
I have a 199 740i sport with 160k miles, all engine and tranny upkeep as recommended by local tech, including transmission flushes every 15k. Have replaced radiator, water pump and alternator within last 15k miles. No problems with any engine or transmission. My big problem is that 2 windows won't go up or down anymore and two doors will not open any longer. Have replaced window regulators 3x already and am sick and tired of that bs. Has a right sided door dent by shopping cart and has front hood bent at the grills that was caused by another car backing up.

There is a 2001 740i sport for $10k with 96k miles. Will have it inspected during the week. The first obvious damage a crack to the air dam below the front bumper where the fog lights fit. Fog lights have been repaired, new window regulator on driver's window and 740i emblen is on the wrong side of the trunk. Mechanically looks good, but will have pre purchase inspection.

All things being equal, I know the maintenance on my 1999, but it has 60k more miles. Do I sink 4K into window, locks and body work repair and keep the car or do I spend 10k for the newer car.

Please advice, at somewhat of a loss as to what to do.