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Oh my. Brand new X3, extremely bumpy ride at low speeds (sub 30 MPH) with lots of fore and aft, side to side rolling after going over very minor indentations on normal, paved streets.

Is this normal?

It is amazing! It wasn't noticed in any of the test rides but it became apparent after we brought it home.

This is very disappointing. We have been reading reviews and there is no mention of this although someone said that on bigger bumps it seems as if the wheels are glued to the car.

Is this a suspension problem? Is this a design defect? Is this something they designed in on purpose? This isn't my first BMW so it isn't the road hugging ride or stiff suspension, this is something else. We are new to SUVs having had only sedans in the past so it may be an issue of getting used to the taller ride.

Does anyone else have this problem or are we just being overly sensitive because we are paying too much attention to a brand new car?

Thanks in advance for any info.