Hello guy's i am having a little issue with My 750il. She is throughing a lot of blue smoke and I cant figure out what is wrong. everything was fine untill i did the valve cover gaskets and the oil pan gasket. After I did the valve cover gasket I stated noticing a little smoke when I got on the gas heavy, over one months time it gradually got worse. to the point where it will smoke as soon as i started it up in the morning. I figured it must be my valve seals after reading a couple of right ups about blue smoke from a 750il. so i parked the car for about two months until I got the seals and found time to do them. (yes everything on my car i do myself) So now after changing all the valve seals and replacing the VCV's and hoses along with fresh plugs, distributor caps and rotors. The car still Smoke like a chimney. As soon as you start it up it smokes and idles ruff, let it warm up and drive and you see smoke. After the car is really warm you do not see smoke anymore and she idles very smooth, but as soon as you floor the gas peddle nothing but pure smoke out the exhaust. The car is burning about one quart of oil a day an when you pull the plugs they have a lot of carbon build up on them and oil. Today I desided to do a compression test and the results are as followed:
Cyl 1- 145, 2- 160, 3- 165, 4- 145, 5- 170, 6- 160, 7- 160, 8- 160, 9- 160, 10- 145, 11- 145, 12- 145
I dont know what the compression is suppose to read I just know that these motors are 8.8:1 I do know that this is not a good sign of compression. I just wanted to hear what you guys think the problem might be. I am going to do a smoke down test this week, but I am thinking its my oil rings.( I could be wrong) The car only has 127,000 miles on it I am the second owner and I do take care of he car. Only use mobile 1 full synthetic 5w30. Any help would be appreciated.