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    Hey.. when's it time to change the serpentine belt

    don't want to be to hasty on doing something productive here, but I thought I might throw this question forward, seeing its been taking up some space in my mind,(quite a lot lately). as well as that tensioner pulley and what kind of situations it presents as indications that its reaching it final hours.

    Maybe I just might have to do some sort of mechanical intervention at this time, but I am really not sure...

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    belt replace should happen if you see cracking

    Usually, small cracks start appearing at the inside or outside of the belt. These are visible around the tensioner(s) or pullies. EZ to check.

    I'm sure there's a spec somewhere for how many per inch/cm before requiring replacement. But the belt's not expensive and is listed as a pretty simple job.

    Do tensioner replacement if any noise/squeal/vibration/belt-wandering is heard/seen.
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