Hi all, its been a while since i last posted on this forum, so here it goes:

I have a 320iS 1981, 5speed. 1.8 liter. The problem is: when cold she barely runs, i have to monkey foot the break and gas while pushing in the clutch to keep her running (idle is 200- and dies out before and after gas pedal is depressed. After she warm up to; N.O.T everything is great! Air/fuel is set to 1.0 w/OS disconected. When O/S is connected A/f drops to approx .6 to .9. When warm she idles very strong at 850rpm. I have install a MSD ingnition which is not a problem.

What can i do, or what is wrong pertaining to basically no run when cold?

any help would be great, ideas, thoughts, comments....anything ......Thanks,


Previously I had long tube headers on her and she was PERFECT!. I had to change back to stock cuz i need to sell her
81 320is
mods: Sterling Coated LT headers, Bilstein sport shocks and struts, Eibach Pro spring kit, AC removed, BAV gauge pod, MSD ingnition, polyurathane busings, Strut/Shock tower brace, rear mounted battery,K&N air filtration, Ansa Free Flow Muffler, Kosei K-1 racing rims