I've been a BMW club member and owner for over 3 decades. My name is Greg Mierz and I'm semi retired now and need to offer my services as a BMW mechanic to supplement my retirement. I've done all my own work for 30 years and worked for many Seattle area club members. I've crewed and help build some of the Pro 3 325i's that are running here in the NW. I have a nice garage here in West Seattle and can do most major and minor maintainence. As an example I've recently replaced the head on a Pro 3 race car, swapped an engine out in a 90 318i, done brakes on a 325es, a clutch job on another Pro3 car. I am cheaper than the dealer and most independant shops that I'm aware of. I can do weekend work if necessary and will work with you on scheduling. I have no problem if you provide the parts but would like to consult before you spend the money on them to insure the right items are purchased. I can also provide supervision to those who would like to learn to do it for themselves. I can provide references for those who would like them. I'm starting this enterprise as an extension of my life long hobby and a way to make it in this current economy. Please don't consider this as spamming the forum but as a way of introduction of the service I can offer. If you want more information my email is [email protected] Thanks for listening.Greg Mierz
BMW CCA Puget Sound since 1977
1986 325is
1969 2002ti