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    To M or not to M...that is the question.

    Long story short...I'm the in market for an E 36 convertible to replace my 69 Firebird Convertible which I am I selling...snif..snif. weap.

    I love the look of the E36 convertible, but I'm trying to decide whether to go M or non-M.

    So team, a couple of questions:

    Specially what are the peccadilloes of the E36 that the educated buyer should be aware of. Other than the usual common sense one uses when buying any used car.

    And then thoughts about M vs. non-M...I currently have an E34/M5; so I am familiar with M cars, just not the E36M

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    E36's are not as well built as E34

    Lots of electrical gremlins can occur, the primary connectors for DME, for example, are tin-like. Most the things you'd think about are the same, control arm bushings and other suspension parts.

    M or not: I'd do the M3. almost as economical, but quicker. For me, if I were to do a vert, I'd want the hard top too.


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    Re: E36's are not as well built as E34


    do a search - lots of info here

    I have owned 4 E36's - 2 M's, 2 not M's. Great cars.

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