Hello all, I have a 2001 with 45k miles, yes I know, I do drive it, and I love the car.
I have had intermittent CEL coming on for about a year or so, each time I reset the code by unplugging the battery and it takes about 5 months to come back on.
The engine does NOT idle rough, it runs perfectly. I went to a shop today because even after battery reset the light was coming on after a few hours of driving so I figured the problem was getting a lot more severe.
He used a snap-on reader and saw 27 multiple fuel trim 2 limit reached and 26 multiple fuel trim 1 limit reached. All other readings were perfect from his reader.
He said I should get a tune up and it may cure it, spark plugs, perhaps coils, etc..
I don't want to blindly change things, especially the MAF which I believe would cause the car to idle very rough if it was bad, and the car idles perfectly and drives beautifully. He reset the code but it came back after 2 minutes of driving.
I have read so many postings and people have many opinions of what to change, ranging from plugs to gaskets to MAF and MAF sensors.
Any thoughts other than a massive overhaul and blind changing of things from this small independent shop here in Massachusetts?

Very much appreciated!