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    M30 is driving me crazy...!

    My 1976 3.0si is driving me nuts! Hopefully you guys can shed some light....

    A little background - As I said its a 1976 3.0si. When I got it, it didn't run. I've de-smoged it, added electronic ignition, tuned it, timed it, flushed the gas tank and fuel system, installed new injectors, replaced all the fuel and vacuum lines including the brake booster line and seal and done everything I can think of to get it running properly.

    Now the problem - It starts right up and runs great when cool. As soon as it reaches normal operating temperature it will barely idle and spits and sputters at anything under 3K rpm. I even get the occasional small backfire. It smooths out and runs OK at 3K rpm. I was reading in an E9 Forum that the cold start injector (if the sensor is bad) can continue to flood the intake manifold with fuel even after the car has reached temperature causing it to run badly at low rpms. I tried unhooking the electrical lead and then disconnecting the fuel line from the cold start injector with no luck. It still ran like crap.

    I'm thinking the problem is fuel related vs timing or electrically related as it runs fine when cool. I've cleaned all my fuses and checked my grounds. I've ordered the three temp sensors on the air slide control in hopes they might make a difference. I'm really just grasping at straws at this point and would greatly appreciate any insight any of you may have. What have I missed? Do you think the sensors will solve the problem?

    Thanks for any help - Scott

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    Have you tried running it with the cold start

    injector hose clamped off? Is the hot water activated aux air slide valve working properly? I have a Feb.76 automatic

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