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    VANO replacement from Dr. VANO- the car woke up!

    Just want to share my experience with replacing VANOs unit on my car.

    I used to have an idle hiccup, very bad marble/garble noise from engine, no low end torque, and bad milesage.

    I investigated the problems and decided to replace the VANOs unit first to improve the above symptoms.

    Upon the web search, I came to a site called www.drvanos.com, decided to order a refurb. VANO unit and replace.

    There are different stages where you can choose, I decided to go with the stage 1 which just replaces the VANOs unit with their reconditioned one.

    There is an instruction to perform the replacement and I think he biggest challenge was to set the car on TDC... I spent hours just to make sure that I have TDC. And another mistake I made was that I removed the old VANOs unit out before setting and locking the car at TDC... A bad idea...

    I reinstalled, reset the TDC, locked the cams and crank, and then replaced the VANOs unit.

    While I was working on the car, I decided to replace all of the intake manifold gaskets hoping all will help the car's idle hiccup.

    When I put everything back and started the car, I had a horrible misfiring and the car was barely able to idle!!!

    I thought I bent the valves or I thought I must have not set the TDC correctly.

    Then I started to look for the obvious stuff; spark plugs, ignition coils, cam positioning sensor, battery, injectors, etc... They all seem okay and I still had ROUGH IDLING and MISFIRING!!!! Argh!

    When I took out the intake manifold to recheck, I noticed that I must have wiggled out the crankcase ventilation hose from the back!!!

    I also discover that my ICV was dirty, I decided to give it a good clean.

    Aftering reconnecting the hose and putting everything back, the car started with ease and the rough idle was gone! No more misfiring either!

    I took the car out for a spin and the immediately the car felt stronger and pulled harder! No more hiccup idling, no more rattling noise, and I can feel that the car is eager to run!

    I am thinking that all of the below helped one way or the other on 80k miled car:

    - replaced VANOs unit
    - replace all of the profile gaskets (orange ones and green ones) from the intake manifold
    - clean out the intake manifold
    - clean out the ICV
    - clean out the throttle body
    - clean out the crankcase ventilation valve
    - new spark plugs
    - new cam positioning sensor

    The car feels like how it used to be now. Quite easy to drive around the town at low speed and also pulls much stronger when WOT. And the idling is also quiet and smooth!

    -- SSY

    1994 E34 525i
    1996 E38 740iL
    1998 E36 M3/4
    2005 E60 545i

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    Re: VANO replacement from Dr. VANO- the car woke up!

    Good to know and good work. I have to clean my ICV and start looking around
    for worn parts at 45K. Plugs, valve cover gasket and air filter are on the list.

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