Hi all. Does anybody know anything about the speedometer circuit board from an '85 535i? My speedo and odo stopped working after a long layoff for engine work - tach and mpg gauge work fine and diff sensor checks OK. I've taken the instrument cluster apart and the speedo board off the back of the gauge - there is a resistor that has burned black and I suspect it is the cause of the problem. It comes from the +12 supply. I happened to find on another BMW forum (e30) someone who had the pdf info on the IC chip (it's a UAF2115 that is commonly used for speedos and tachs). The problem is that I can't tell what value the burnt resistor is so I need a schematic diagram of the circuit. The part number on the board is 92 644 696 (it might be 992 644 696). Any ideas? Thanks.
Rick Z