Won another autocross in “B Stock”, this past Sunday. No big deal… I WAS the entire “B Stock” class! Given that information, I also came in last place as well…

No other coupes to be seen, in a field of 158 total cars. I hate to say it, but the Nissan 370 Z cars were VERY fast. I remember spanking the 350 Zs a few years ago. That seems like a distant memory & the 370s are simply FAST! Anyway. The Coupe got lots of attention & probably as many compliments as any other car on the grid. Had lots of people

PS: I also killed 2 cones in a single run. Pressing too much on a run = understeer & cone carnage!

PPS: Future wife & future step daughter loved it!!! They both had fun ride-alongs!
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1987 Porsche 944s2

Food for thought:
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