can any one help i recently purchased some kumho tires for my 2001 740IL sport and they couldn't adjust the rear alignment due to the bolt/nut being to tight. they said they could use a bigger tool but it possibly could snap the bolt/nut clean off. i told them forget it. does anyone have experience or heard of this type of problem? I can take back for them to realign they have 6month warranty on alignment. any help would be appreciated. i have warranty and was planning on taking it to dealer for them to figure it out, but would much rather have my alignment done prior.


rear left rear right

actual before specified range Actual before Specified range

-1.3 -1.2 -1.5 -1.4 camber -1.0 -1.0 -1.5 -- -1.4

.07 .08 .07 .023 Toe .07 .08 .07 -- .023

the guy said it wasnt that bad and i would just like some feed back on if he was tellin da truth and it really isn't that bad.

P.S. i got Kumho ASX for 690 installed and alignment place called kumho tires only off san carlos in San Jose, CA.