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    2 questions / idler pully adj ? and traction contr

    1.) Idler pulley adjustment. I saw a photo of this pulley that shows an adjustment pin(eccentrically offset)that cannot be seen from the face, only from the back once its remioved, that acts(I presume) as an adjustment so you can put more tension on our belts.

    is this type of pulley the rule with regards to our cars,so I will be able to know before having to take this pulley off.

    or is this only select cars, and its a longshot that my 2.8L has this kind of pulley.

    then the question comes.... how do I remove this pulley properly so I don't damage it and then put it back on by realigning that pin
    into another spot.(for more tension)..

    2.) The traction control light is staying on a lot of the time(but not always... Where is this control unit located and how big is it, etc. I want to check this thing out to see if its been water damaged>

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    my diy fix

    Can't help with the idler pulley, buts here's my experience with turning off my abs/asc lights. The controller is a sealed unit, so you won't see much regarding water damage except maybe a high water mark.

    Rebuild abs module

    good luck

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    on the S52 the idler is hydraulically tensioned

    so no adjustment there. it's eccentric so you can leverage it out of the way to take the belt off. it's a bolt-on replacement (like $80) though if you think you're belt isn't tight enough. i assume the same is true on the 2.8 but i've been wrong once before. once.<table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
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    (KEEPER) Great stuff here on details on ABS

    thanks for all the insight and details... I am printing-up what you've said here and adding it to my files that I keep along with my Chilton's Repair Manual for future use...

    this ABS/traction control light thing may well become a typical for us all and your insights srely will be a great way to keep our cars alive and well (at a minimal expense and that's one of the reasons I have been with BMWs for 37 years now) Its help like this that makes it a gratifying car to own... thanks

    are you still in the Boston area? (I'm down in Sandwich)

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