For months now I have been scrutinizing what is causing my steering to become very stiff... thinking it was;

1) stretched serpentine belt
2) bad impellar in power steering pump
3) bad, Rack & Pinion
4) something bent, dented or damaged in steering
5) clogged feed hose coming from power steering resevior
6) a switch or valve in the variable-assist power steering
a)Internal Hydraulic Control Valve ?
b)DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) ?
c)YAW Sensor (Rotational Rate Sensor(RPMs))?
d) Speed Sensor ?
e) Sport Switch ?
f) ABS/ ASC throttle Position Signal

If I ha just went ahead and changed the power steering pump as I so much thought that was the problem that would have cost me $500.00 plus my time or send it to a mechanic and add another $500.00 for their labor.

Onc that had been changed we would have realized that that did not fix the problem so it would have come to changing the rack and pinion system and whats that another $1,500 or so.

and that would have fixed the problem .....BUT THE PROBLEM WAS ONLY A MATTER OF LUBRICATING THE STEERING COLUMN WHERE IT CONNECTS THE THE STEERING BOX...... costing me about $5.00(and 4 months thinking time) in a good penetrating oil and then topped it off with some spray molyebdeum grease and a little of my old motor oil.

INHERENT PROBLEM ... RUBBER GREASE CAP the bottom of the steering column where it connects to the steering box. If you lift up this rubber cap and add a lubricant that can squeeze and seep itself in and around the shaft coming out of the steering box the problem will be solved.

No you don't need a new serpentine belt, power steering pump or rack and pinion, you only need to add a new fresh supply of lubrication at this somewhat exposed connection.

I expect this problem to occur in all our cars seeing that its a vulnerable spot for loosing the lubrication

motor oil is what I am going back and using as a finishing coat then maybe some thinned out wheel bearing grease as a protective covering and then slide the rubber grease cap back inplace over it and presume it will be fine for anothe decade or so.