Mystery 1)
Start car - drive to store - turn off car - go buy candy bar - get back in car - turn key - starter just cranks and cranks and cranks... First nothing - then more cranking - then more nothing... Then more cranking - and slowly, ever so slowly (as long as you leave the starter engaged while this is going on) the car begins to sputter and cough it's way back to life... (Brand new fuel pumps (pressure and transfer)... Leave the car for more than a few minutes after you shut it off (30 minutes to an hour) turn the key - starts right away...

That would be mystery number 1.

Issue number 2 is:
Can anyone just give me a few things I can unplug or cut the power to that might be causing a battery rundown.(3-5 days and battery is weak - this is also brand new) I've already done the lights (trunk, hood, glove) I don't need any special features other than heat or the radio and wipers. I just want the car to run...

88 535i
210,000+ Still Kickin
Remaned Head, all stock.
88 Mazda 323 4Banger
168,000+ Still Kickin
Terminal Velocity 113mph
32miles to the gallon
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