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    Primitive Cold Weather Measures

    C.D. ,

    I have an '83 240D and put a new starter and glow plugs in recently. In colder weather recently( approx 35 degrees and below) the car has problems starting. I have been using the Deisel Kleen Cetane boost that prevents gelling and that has helped a little. A mechanic told me to use Kerosene for about 10% of a full tank and to add one half a quart of transmission fluid to the oil and it should start right up regularly. Is this good advice? Thank you.

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    Cold Weather Measures

    valve adjustment

    and clean new fuel filters
    are the key

    your valve adjustment specs are found on the metal tag
    next to the radiator/hood latch - aldust to the wider,
    'looser' end of the spec -
    diesel valves that are too tight gulp too much cold air,
    and do nothing to aid in quick cold start

    any fuel filter clogged with gelled.alge'd fuel, and moisture
    will prevent quick firing
    including the fine nylon strainer in the bottom of the
    fuel tank - that strainer should be replace every 10+ years
    replace the main can fuel filter, the see thru in-line filter
    next to the hand pump just before every winter

    you should not have to thin the fuel using kerosene
    that was a practice 20+ year a go
    but all fuel suppliers switch from 'summer' to 'winter'
    blend fuels
    if you have a tank of Fla. fuel, and drive to Mich. -
    you might have a no start the next cold Mich. morning
    untill you refill with the northern climate Mich. fuel

    if your fuel has been in the tank for 1+ years - or longer
    you need to syphon off that old stuff anf fill with NEW local fuel

    and finally - any air filter that is clogged, filled with mouse nesting materials, or worse will also cause no cold start

    you might also revisit your new glow plugs,
    and maybe your 'new' glow relay

    the relay has a 80amp link fuse under the cover
    and can be oxidised or partially burned
    test all the plugs for current during the
    cold 'pre-glow' time period

    the new glow plugs may be in holes that are carboned up
    causing pre-heating heat to be lost into the carbon build-up
    in each hole - a special reamer is used to clean out the carbon
    before installing new plugs - so the glowing tip of the plug is heating the incoming air - that is how your pre-glow system
    fires off cold cylinders. No hot air in the first few revolutions
    will cause no firing .

    hope this helps


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    Re: Cold Weather Measures

    I will change the fuel filters. The air filter has only 5k miles on it. I have a charged battery and new glow plugs, and check out the valve.

    Thanks C.D.

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