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    rear wiper stopped ......any others here have this

    I don't really feel likle gettinginvolved in removing the rear uphostery panel... it just seems that I might wreck it ..so I am reluctant to go forward on this project, only for that reason alone.

    If I did take the panel off I'd first check to see if the wipers getting electricity... it seems to me that thats the only issue here, because it just stopped. ' no noises, no grownz, just simple stopped one day some 3 years ago.

    and I've finally calmed down enough to maybe consider dealing with it now...

    so if you have any idea's on anything I should check thats not in that rear door(fuses, OK) I'd appreciate your helllp

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    Re: rear wiper stopped ......any others here have this

    Check the wiring where it goes from the body to the hatch. It is a known wear point.

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    Re: rear wiper stopped ......any others here have this

    I had the same issue, both the center brake light and wiper motor went out. Finally pulled down the rubber boot that covers the wiring harness between the roof and the hatch, and found nearly every wire was frayed. Easy enough to solder them back together and cover with shrink tubing. That was 3 years ago and haven't had a problem since.

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