Approximately 90 days ago I had run out of a 1 gallon blue radiator fluid and purchased a another gallon.
Monday of this week, engine coolant warning light came on and I added about half quart.
Tuesday morning, two days before Thanksgiving 2009 warning light came on again so I added another half quart or so Wednesday morning.

Thanksgiving day, yesterday morning I checked fluid and it was down again so I added another half quart to get stick up. Drove about 30 miles for TG dinner and getting into car after dinner for drive home engine light came on saying low on coolant. Taking a chance and "hoping" I drove 30 miles back home without engine temperature gauge thankfully moving off middle.

This morning checked fluid and it was low and added another remaining gallon I purchased back in September and drove to BMW repair. I'm here in South Bay area of Los Angeles.

It was determined I needed a coolant valley pan. Not cheap.
Labor 468, parts 366.59 and tax of 35.
most expensive portion of parts was intake manifold cover, intake manifold gasket times 4 and a valley pan gasket.

Could I have purchased a can of Stopleak?
I will check coolant stick tomorrow, Sunday and Monday and of it is about same then it was Coolant Valley Pan?

61000 on Odometer