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    2003 X5 3.0 died this morning. Need Help.

    Thanks in advance. This has been a rock solid car for me even with the known quirks of the M54 engine.

    Went out to the car this morning. Routine. Put in key and car started for about a second and then died. Tried again. This time it would turn over but won't start. It sounded different this time as it turned over though. It was sucked dry. My first inclination is the fuel pump went out. It's got 77,000 miles and the engine has been flawless. Nothing changed/replaced at this point except standard routine oil, etc...

    Any ideas? If fuel pump, is it DIY?



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    Any codes from the code reader?

    You did check fuses, right?

    Any pressure on the fuel rail?

    There is gas in the tank, right?

    When was the fuel filter changed last?

    Also, Did you check under the hood for the obvious things - disconnected MAF, etc. Don't laugh, happened to me once on a car, the air flow meter band clamp worked loose and the car stalled. Took 3 seconds to fix, once I spotted it...

    Search the archives here for fuel leak - the fellow posted some nice pix of the fuel tank access panel under the back seat. It appears you may be able to remove the fuel sender and pump through there (otherwise you have to drop the tank). Check the service manual for more info.

    It could be a lot of things other than the fuel pump, though.

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