About two weeks ago, the Logic 7 in my car had a nervous breakdown, refusing to produce any sound or change stations, and not doing much of anything. After the car was powered down for several hours during my gym workout, the radio rebooted itself and played as if nothing had happened. Simply turning the radio off had done nothing, as it apparently is not actually powered down by this ( I also went to pull the radio fuse Ė there are 7 or 8 fuses listed for the radio (?!!), so unsuccessfully).

This being the second time this had happened, I mentioned this to my service manager when I had the car in for high pressure fuel pump replacement last week, and he remembered a technical service bulletin (SI B65-12-09) for the Logic 7 as installed in the E92 and other BMW models. The problem has been traced to a radio software glitch and is said to be solved by a later program version.

I took the car in Thursday at 7:30 in the morning, figuring an hour or so to reload the radio. I was told the problem requires a download of software to the entire vehicle (3 hours). Took all day as they had to go to BMW national tech support to insure they were doing this correctly.

I tried to get version numbers for the overall software and had little luck.

It seems to me these cars are getting rather too complex. This isnít the Space Shuttle.

Anybody know the current software version?