I have 2 '02's a '74 (like in Hancock, aka Baikal x2) that is bone stock with a siezed block, and a '75 (like in the new Budlight commercial/Backdraft aka granada/black) with many mods. Including new carpet, a crate motor installed in 91, mech adv distributor. M3 Recaro, e30 wheels, weber, zender spoiler, rear bat/325i wiring, Race tube weld rear, new floors, custom aluminum stuff: gas pedal, dead pedal. Many interior parts, lots of cool 02 stuff. all docs from purchase in 1975. I would like to trade both for an e21 323, dont care about the engine condition (gonna toss it anyway, to put in an m20), but would prefer Schwartz/Schwarts. Any interest let me know, I lets make a deal

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