Season's greetings, everyone. More than eight years and almost 110k trouble free my 01 740 is starting shed its original parts. It came off the shop for the complete 100K check-up but my mechanic I suppose did not check the water pump - at it was working OK then. A week later, there was this strange noise and later discovered the belts jumped off the main pulley by three grids. My mechanic said its my water pump. His right and today I finally removed the waterpump from and discovered that some damage was inflected into the block (engine) portion where the WP is mounted. Note from the picture, the silvery shine portion (lower shave) was about 2x of a finger nail thick and extends about 2 inches. What is the impact of the damage, to the cooling system and to the engine. How could it be repaired? Your advice/assistance is highly appreciated.