still active on the forum, I just wanted to comment on your 07-23-2004 write-up on the CD43 Business radio install. That was an excellent piece that you did. I know it's a bit late; however, I was browsing around through the archives trying to find out the function of three particular wires in the 17 pin connector in my radio plug...there were two white wires that have a brown stripe on them and also one blue wire that has a series of yellow bands/stripes approximately 1 inch apart horizontally up the length of the wire (not running parallel) far, I haven't been able to find out what they are for.

I came across the write-up and I became very interested in maybe trying the CD43 transplant myself. If anyone happens to be very familiar with the pinout of the 17 pin plug and knows the function of these three wires, I would really appreciate any feedback that you can give. I just did some re-wiring in the dash the other day and these three wires are driving me nuts because I don't know what they are for. With the exception of the speaker -leads, all of the other wires are accounted for. Thanks again everyone, and again, excellent information George.

Nick/Lv 88 735i prod 02/87 Sterling Silver