Hi All,

I have a 2008 335i convertible with about 23k miles.

Recently, I received an engine malfunction with long cranking, I brought it to the closest dealer at the time and they replaced the high pressure fuel pump. A few days after I got the car back from this dealer, the car began to start after long cranks but only when cold.
I brought it back to my regular dealer, they had it for a few days and said they could not replicate the long cranking. I got the car back, and it is still doing it. This morning it took about 9 seconds for it to start. No other issues, it runs fine and no warning lights. What do I do? There is no way the dealer was not getting long cranks when they had it, I almost feel it is a cover-up!

Second question - when I went to the dealer, he hit me up saying that BMW recommends that I have the fuel injection system cleaned out at 30k. He said that "since we do not sell you the gas you use, this is not under warranty". Has anybody else been hit up with this? It seems to be BS, the car is advertised as "no maintenance costs", and this certainly feels like maintenance. Thoughts?