I am cleaning out my garage from an old 2002 project. most parts are from 76', 75'. But I think I have some trim from older cars.
I have:
-right side chrome mirror, in good shape
- three door ash trays, 2 of 3 in vg shape 1 in good.
- main seals for eng.
- org. owners manual in good shape
- 3 ebrake boots, in ok shape (dirty/ moldy)
- 3 bundles of trim, I think that all this trim came from 3 different cars ( I owned 5 at one point and stripped all the usable, non dented trim off the cars) I only have two curved pieces from the hood and trunk, so most of it is all the straight stuff.
- VDO oil temp and pressure sensors (new still in packing!)

Will take all reasonable offers!!!!!!

I have pics on request.