Friends - I know this issue has been discussed thoroughly, but I thought I'd ask again to get the latest opinions since I have decided to order and buy my next BMW in February rather than lease it, as I have my last two cars, both xi. I currently have a 328xi coupe that has performed flawlessly, but I continue to wonder what I'm missing by not being able to have the real (i) sport suspension, which does not come with the xi. I also have has 4 snows on, since in Albany, NY the weather at times can be hazardous. I recently drove an 328i with sport suspension and could not tell any difference in handling between my xi and the i, but then I only drove it for 20 minutes and not in the snow. The bottom line as I see it is that if the xi offers the same handling as the i with sp. susp. but also adds a margin of safety in rain and snow it should be my choice. But if the i with sp. susp. offers better handling and with snows is equal to the xi in safety I should go with the i. One final question - I have also always switched off my runflats for Bridgestone conventional tires, but wonder if there is now a run flat tire that is nearly as good? Thanks for weighing in. MS