Hey guys. I have a project 2002, rescued from storage in 2004, sat in my garage for 5+ years. We just moved, and wife says to keep it I have to do something with it, and that the budget is, er, zero. Go figure.

So, my knowledgable friends, it has been a while since I posted here, (or on the E23, E34 and Z3 Coupe forums), but I'm looking for a place to get cheap or free parts. Stuff people have replaced with trick items, then left the stock version in the back of the garage (at least that is what I do!). People who just want shipping paid and the knowledge that they are saving a relic! She won't be perfect when she is done, but she'll be driveable, and I won't have to lose her!

The engine is all set, I spent some money previously to get that straight (starter, Weber 32/36, hoses, belt, plugs, coil, leads etc), and she runs like a champ. I also got a set of 320i radials on EBay a while back, and put Yokohama H4s on, brand new. She needs brakes, shocks, springs, bushings, lamp lenses, exhaust etc to get her roadworthy. I'm not looking for anything sporty, just good stock parts with some life left. Right now, every corner rides different. I have a few things I can swap, a couple of 90s BMW stereos, E34 control arms, Z3 M Coupe stock suspension.

Any ideas? I feel like a mooch. I was gonna try my club's swap meet, but that is not until Fall.



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