As it says, I have a 2001 530i sedan (original factory stereo, BMW Business with CD changer in the trunk and cassette deck in the dash, no navi and no DSP button on the dash). I'd like to retrofit the car with a modern stereo (USB port for flash drive, HD Radio, Satellite and bluetooth, although bluetooth isn't at the top of the list.)

If I put a factory radio from a 2003 model year, will I have access to any of these technologies as well as having it blended into the dashboard and looking like an original factory radio? Will the wiring be OK?

Should I just go through a Crutchfield and get an aftermarket stereo? What are my best options for this model year? I'd really like to be able to play MP3's or similar from a flash drive and have sat radio. Will I be able to use the steering wheel controls with an aftermarket. Should I even think about an aftermarket radio?

The JVC KD-ADV49 looks like a nice replacement, but I'm not sure if that's the right decision?