Hi all,

I have a 2005 X5 3.0i with non-xenon (halogen) headlights that use H7 bulbs. In the last several months, I began to notice that the headlights were flickering (pulsing) back-and-forth while driving; and thought that the light bulbs are going bad. I did not change the light bulbs immediately because of the long daylight hours in summer time in Minnesota (hence did not need to turn on the headlight much).

So the dark cold winter comes and I finally got around and buy a pair of H7 light bulbs and pop them in. The headlights still flicker...

Since my car is under CPO warranty, I did not want to mess it around any further. Took the car in and was hoping that dealer will take care of it.

Any two separate visits to two different dealers; including conversation with BMW NA, I was told that the heated seats in X5 will cause a surge in current draw and that is normal and no need to fix anything. They said there is a TSB for it and all the electrical system in my car tested ok.

However, the headlights were flickering even when the heated seats were not on - has anyone experience this at all?

Anyone out there experiencing similar problem? Thanks in advance.