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    X3 Propshaft Coupling

    I purchased an X3 from new in Sept 2007, wifes car and does little miles and now I am just about to replace a full set of tyres. I had to put 2 on the front about 500 miles ago and since then the car has being running like a bag of nails with vibration through the gearbox and when breaking, the car is manual.

    BMW refused to look at it because the tyres where not like for like replacements, now I learn that there is an issue with X3 and X5's around viskas coupling propshafts and unless you ahv ethe correct tyres BMW are saying you invalidate your warranty.
    Has anyone else experience this?

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    Re: X3 Propshaft Coupling

    I have the same problem. Have you been able to get yours fixed? My X3 is a manual transmission though.

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